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Log & Timber Home show 2015

 The Log & Timber Home Show

February 20-22, 2015
We attended The Log & Timber Home Show in Marlborough MA with a Trout Totem Pole, wooden fish carvings and cedar signage.



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Chainsaw-carving-Allagash-Lodge Trout-Totem-Allagash-Lodge-1b


This was my first Fish Totem Pole, carved by chainsaw, from a single white cedar log.

This Fish Totem Pole is carved from a single northern white cedar log. Because cedar usually grows hollow, I'm always on the lookout for sound logs, but in the totem's case I needed a very large log, so I went to a mill that saws cedar for cabin stock. They actually sold me one of the finest logs on site.

I'm using this wooden fish sculpture as a structural support in my fishing cabin on Narrow Pond. If you'd like a similar Trout Totem Pole please contact me and we can discuss details.


Trout Totem

 A Trout Totem Pole

Trout Totem Pole Trout Totem Pole


March 2014- Another Fish Totem Pole In Progress

Trout-totem-Mar-2014 Trout-totem-Mar-2014b Trout-totem-Mar-2014c Trout-totem-Mar-2014d Trout-totem-Mar-2014e

Trout-totem-Mar-2014f   More Trout Totem Pole Photos

Follow the link below to more photos of my Trout Totem Poles on our Google+ page.