Johnson's Allagash Lodge


Fly fishing for native brook trout on Narrow Pond


If you savor real maple syrup, brookies rising to a hatch, the call of the loon, the smell of balsam, the beating of grouse wings and the wail of a rutting bull moose, then The Johnson's Allagash Lodge will appeal to you.

We strive to offer a quality outdoor experience by catering to just a few people each week. With access to numerous lakes, streams and ponds, we can offer you a true North Woods experience. Whether you are interested in nature studies, casting a fly to wild trout, hunting grouse or just paddling a canoe, we have years of experience to make your trip pleasurable.

We offer "American Plan" accommodations that include three meals a day at the lodge, with full access to the bathhouse or a "Housekeeping unit" where folks who like to "do their own thing" can stay.

Fly fishing buddies at Allagash LodgePeople who come here to fish, hunt or just plain relax, arrive as clients and return as friends.

We run a "dog friendly lodge", all well behaved dogs are welcome.


 updated Feb 24

2017 Lodge Openings Available - Prime Fly Fishing 

May 28- June 3  |  June 11- June 17   |   June 18- June 24   |   Sept 16- Sept 26

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